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Planting the seeds of Angels
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Planting the Seeds of Angels June 2014

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Planting the Seedsof Angels
Through Connection to Archangel Haniel {andother guest Angels as they choose to speak}
By Mary Farrelly, ACP, LOA Life Coach,Teacher, Speaker, IET Master Instructor With Archangel Haniel – Angel of Joy--- Haniel is a Celestial Being who is able to turn barren ground into fertileland. AA Haniel can change your mood from hopelessness to one of great JOY.Haniel draws upon the energy of the moon. Guest Angel this column is AngelChamuel. Angel Chamuel will help you overcome depression, create inner peace,improve relationships, forgive others and yourself, find true love, love andaccept yourself, and establish a career.
In this monthly, column you will read aboutan angel and about the messages and signs that the angels are sending to you inthis month based upon the symbol of your horoscope and sometimes the moonenergy and of course the message from the Angel. The angel will deliver amessage to you specific to the month and the gateway opening for you. Angelsare here for connection. They send us signs by showing us numbers, cloudformations, messages through nature, and sometimes objects such as pennies orfeathers.
Peace begins within each of us. The more wecan hold peace in our hearts, the more peace we have to share. As I call uponArchangel Chamuel and breathe in and out, I see the color pink. Pink is aloving energy that brings in compassion without judgment. Love surrounds us andthereby surrounds others. When Chamuel is near you may feel a warm tingly sensationinside you. Chamuel means, “He who seeks God”. He is described as “Pure Love inwinged form”. Archangel Chamuel reminds us to first love ourselves if we haveany hope of being able to love others. As was in the column last month, Theworld around us is in continual change. The changes come in waves of energythat we experience as Joy and Dips or Highs and Lows. So our relationship withourselves and others move in these waves of energy.
Peace inside ourselves can be a challengeto reach in times of stress or in times of strife in our relationships.Archangel Chamuel remains nearby waiting for your invitation to be invited intoyou and thereby be invited into your relationships. Breathe in and out as youthink and say “Chamuel” or even the word “Peace”.  Continue for even just 5 minutes and you willfind that you become calmer. The Peace is beginning to flow through you.Another way is to just light a pink candle and watch the flame flicker andagain call his name “Chamuel” or “Peace”. Open your heart to Archangel Chamueland allow him to guide your thoughts and feelings in that moment. Be presentwith Archangel Chamuel. In that present moment there can be no fear or no separationfrom him. There is no past or future in that moment because you are in thatpresent moment. You are in the NOW. Sit in the NOW and just feel. Be at Peacefor that moment. The more you calm yourself to peace inside you, the more youbring peace to share with others.
This month Angel Chamuel’s peace is showinga spiritual understanding coming. Angel Chamuel is asking us to look atrelationships. The angelic affirmations and wisdom comes through meditationwith Chamuel and his guidance to locate a deck entitled, Angel Meditations  by Sonia Café. After meditation with the deckand connecting with Angel Chamuel each card was chosen by reciting the zodiacsign and shuffling the deck until a card popped out.  The universe with the help of the angels isdelivering messages to us. Deciphering the messages involve us connecting tothe Divine daily. Here is a chart of what the angels are saying to you. Look atyour horoscope sign then look across the column to read your Angel Affirmationand Wisdom for this month. Say your Affirmation daily or as often as you feelyou need to and connect to an angel.
Zodiac Sign
Zodiac Symbol
Birth Dates 
Angelic Affirmation
♈ The Ram
March 21 –
April 19
My ability to respond makes me feel accountable. I am joyfully responsible for my life.
Responsibility is your ability to respond with your talents and capabilities to all around you.
♉ The Bull
April 20 –
May 20
The creative power of the Universe is flowing through me now.
You build anew when you open your hearts and minds to the power of the Soul and continuously allow the creative energy to express itself through you.
♊ The Twins
May 21 –
June 21
 I choose to be spontaneous in my interactions in my life!
Happy Birthday!
This is your month to celebrate YOU! Be free from limiting beliefs.
♋ The Crab
June 22 –
July 22
I trust my inner balance and I allow changes to happen.
Happy Birthday! Though feelings of Peace free yourself from limitations and allow change.
♌ The Lion
July 23 –
August 22
My patience creates miracles in my life.
Nature gives you an example of loving patience.
♍ The Maiden
August 23 –
September 22
In my temple of silence all is added to me as I commune with my soul.
Sharing is a sacred moment. To give and to receive becomes the most intimate communication between two beings.
♎ The Scales
September 23 –
October 23
I am radiant with Tenderness
In our lives tenderness is the natural flow of our actions because the Soul has dissolved all fear of being.
♏ The Scorpion
October 24 –
November 21
My whole being is radiant with enthusiasm.
Enthusiasm is that burst of inspiration that comes from the Angels and God.
♐ The (Centaur) Archer
November 22 –
December 21
People constantly appreciate my wonderful sense of humor.
It is impossible to have a depressing thought when we are willing to sincerely laugh. Laughter helps you to look at life from a new and stimulating perspective.
♑"Goat-horned" (The Sea-Goat)
December 22 –
January 19
My life is filled in the simplicity of my attitude.
The more you attune your life to Soul love and intuition, the simpler life becomes.
♒ The Water-Bearer
January 20 –
February 18
I am living in harmony with universal law; I am creating harmony at each moment of my life.
To be in harmony with the Universe is to live in tune with joy, love and spiritual power.
♓ The Fishes
February 19 –
March 20
The clarity of my soul flows through me when I think, feel, act in the world. My Soul’s loving energy flows through my being.
Allow the energies of your Soul to direct your life now. Clarity is a kind of inner knowing that leads you easily and lightly to what is right.
Many Blessings to all of you in this month. People wholive together in total support of each other open the way so Angels’ spiritualenergies can flow in their lives and bring harmony. Maythe angels surround, guide, guard and protect you throughout the month. I setthe intention with the help of Archangel Haniel and Angel Chamuel that you willreceive a sign of an angel at work in your life. I would like you to post thesign you receive. May you be open to receiving the peace and guidance from theangels throughout the month. Please feel free to post your questions and tellother of your signs at Haniels Heart HealingEnergy- Holistic Healing- IET- Reiki- Life Coach on Facebook.
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