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Planting the seeds of Angels
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Planting The Seed of Angels #1

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Planting the SeedsOf Angels
Through Connection to Archangel Haniel {andother guest Angels as they choose to speak}
ByMary Farrelly, ACP, LOA Life Coach, Teacher, Speaker, IET Master Instructor WithArchangel Haniel – Angel of Joy --- Haniel is a Celestial Being who is able toturn barren ground into fertile land. AA Haniel can change your mood fromhopelessness to one of great JOY. Haniel draws upon the energy of the moon.Guest Angel this column is Angel Raziel. Angel Raziel helps come up with greatideas, access your inner wisdom, connect with spirit and release limitingbehaviors.
The world around us is in continual change.The changes we experience come in Joy and Dips (as I refer to them). The wavesof energy and what we experience in our lives coincide with the positive Joyand the negative Dip. It is our thoughts and affirmations we tell ourselves,thatdecide the future outcome. As we experience daily we can choose to move intoDivine Connection, Love, Peace or to separate from the Light of the Angels andtheir messages and move into despair, worry and fear. 
Angels are celestial beings that workthrough us if we invite them into our thoughts, minds, ideas and life.  I embarked about 15 years ago on a journey tolearn about and experience angels. In my life at the time I was living in fearand feeling that I was missing something and needed to find it.  I began to read and research angels. Iexperienced meditations that involved those working with angels. I sought outAngel Practitioners and Angel Oracle Card Readers to find Divine guidance. Ilearned and studied the work of Doreen Virtue. I decided to become an AngelCertified Practitioner by studying with Charles Virtue and Tina MarieDaly.  I also came upon the work ofStevan Thayer and the Healing Angels of Integrated Energy Therapy. I decided tobecome an IET Master Teacher. As an Integrated Energy Therapy Master Teacher, Iteach people to heart link with an angel. A Heart Link is a connection to anangel through a 5 step process.  If youwish to learn more about IET, Integrated Energy Therapy you can visit mywebsite, www.hanielshearthealingenergy.com or www.learniet.com.
In this monthly, column you will read aboutan angel and about the messages and signs that the angels are sending to you inthis month based upon the symbol of your horoscope and sometimes the moonenergy and of course the message from the Angel. The angel will deliver amessage to you specific to the month and the gateway opening for you.
Angels are here for connection. They sendus signs by showing us numbers, cloud formations, messages through nature, andsometimes objects such as pennies or feathers.
11:11 the portal is opening to connect withthese celestial beings daily. They are here for us to be of service to us. Anangelic gateway is open for you, rapidly manifesting your thoughts intoreality. Choose your thoughts wisely at this time, ensuring that they matchyour desires. Keep all thoughts positive. The opening of this portal allows theflow of energy from your heart space to those of the angelic realm and fromtheir heart to you. Connect with the Angels…
This month Angel Raziel’s wisdom is showinga spiritual understanding coming. Angel Raziel is asking us to look at symbols.If you see a symbol look it up or ask Raziel to see what it means. Symbols cancome in shapes, sizes, pictures, animals, numbers, songs on the radio, or inobjects. Raziel is the patron of sacred wisdom and divine knowledge, and theguardian of originality and pure thought.  The universe with the help of the angels isdelivering messages to us. Deciphering the messages involve us connecting tothe Divine daily. Here is a chart of what the angels are saying to you. Look atyour horoscope sign then look across the column to read your Angel Affirmationand Wisdom for this month. Say your Affirmation daily or as often as you feelyou need to and connect to an angel.
Zodiac Sign
Zodiac Symbol
Birth Dates 
Angelic Affirmation
♈ The Ram
March 21 –
April 19
I am open to the signs and advise I receive.
Seek wisdom and expert advise
♉ The Bull
April 20 –
May 20
I mentor and teach children.
Open up to the young people around you
♊ The Twins
May 21 –
June 21
I open to the possibilities.
Have faith and hope there is something new and positive coming
♋ The Crab
June 22 –
July 22
I see the beauty in creating, creation.
Communicate through the arts
♌ The Lion
July 23 –
August 22
I focus my thoughts on my desires.
Your desire is coming to fruition
♍ The Maiden
August 23 –
September 22
I choose happiness.
As a cycle closes call upon your angels to guide you
♎ The Scales
September 23 –
October 23
Children are a gift from God and the angels. I look to children for joy and laughter.
See your children as safe and happy.
♏ The Scorpion
October 24 –
November 21
I am fully protected by the angel and supported by the universe.
You are protected, relax and feel safe.
♐ The (Centaur) Archer
November 22 –
December 21
I am open to angelic guidance in all I do. I ask for signs.
Wait and weigh your options, ask the angels to help.
♑"Goat-horned" (The Sea-Goat)
December 22 –
January 19
I see myself as well and take action steps to improve my physical being.
I work on healing my physical challenges.
♒ The Water-Bearer
January 20 –
February 18
I am open to receiving Divine guidance.
Ask for Divine Guidance and Assistance
♓ The Fishes
February 19 –
March 20
I connect to my angels daily and keep all thoughts positive.
Caution is warranted. Look deeper into the situation before moving forward.
Many Blessings to all of you in this month. May theangels surround, guide, guard and protect you throughout the month. I set theintention with the help of Archangel Haniel and Angel Raziel that you willreceive a sign of an angel at work in your life. I would like you to post thesign you receive. May you be open to receiving the signs and guidance from theangels throughout the month. I am excited to be in service to all of you in themonths ahead. Please feel free to post your questions and tell other of yoursigns at Haniels Heart Healing Energy- HolisticHealing- IET- Reiki- Life Coach on Facebook.
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