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The Aftermath of Sandy

The Aftermath of Sandy.   My home town of Sayreville, where I have lived for 50+ years was among the hard hit communities in NJ. I am grateful that my own famiy had only to endure a week long power outage.
As I ride through town I see pain and sorrow, loss and devestation for so many in my community. The tears wellup inside me and flow out down my face many times a day now, as I have witnessed the loss of so many.  With the shock of all  I am still trying to grasp what is happening around me. I find the emotions are on edge and the gammat of emotions surface from sorrow and loss to anger and frustartion to joy and gratitude.
For that one week,  I had never felt such cold at night in the loss of power. It was such a darkness that over came me that chilled my bones as well as my heart. The aloneness was easy to feel if I allowed myself. Instead I surrounded myself with family and sat in candlelight. The grayness of the day time hours provided me with reading, reflection and journaling time to sort through my vision of Who Am I? What do I want? 
There were moments and hours were the sorrow crept up and tried to overtake me and I had to have my human angel friends reach down to me to shine their light so I could follow. We are all human and we all feel. I allowed myself to feel the emotions but knew to reach out to others when the emotion became bigger then myself and  my light. If you see those around in grief and shock, I ask you to reach out to them because you never know what a difference this encounter will make as they are finding their way from darkness to light as well.
Thank you to each friend and family member who reached out to me. My heart is overflowing with gratitude. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.
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