Haniel's Heart Healing Energy LLC - Contact Mary  to bring in Balance, Health, Harmony, Grace
 Mary E. Farrelly MA. Ed.,  owner of Haniels Heart Healing Energy, LLC. 
       CPR and First Aid Training- Cost $75 for both classes or $55 for CPR and  for First Aid Training. Help save the lives of those you love and of those in peril.  Certificate Card is through American Heart Association. Pediatric infant and child programs available. Perfect for CDA Candidates and Call Mary 732-794-5494
Must  be prepaid by cash or check or paypal.
  • 5 Week Coaching Package SPECIALLY PRICED $250- Adds on Walk and Talk Session, Meditation week to 4 week Coaching Package with downloadable workbook.
  • CDA Renewal Course Special $300.

Angel Card Readings are available via email, phone or in person in your home or mine.
Angel readings are guidance from God and the angels. The readings consist of more than fortune or future telling it consists of teaching, empowering, and life affirming messages and spiritual tools.   As an angel card reader I connect to your angels through a heart link connection. Once connected to the angels they send messages through me using me as a channel and using oracle cards to give you clear guidance and wishes for you as well as messages to you.  The messages are divine guidance on any and all aspects of your life, including relationships, health, and career, physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual issues and are always loving.  Guided meditation and messages are powerful and beautiful so that you will leave the session with a feeling of love, peace and empowerment.
Angel Readings at your home in NJ $150
Travel included.
Angel Reading Package via Email $75 includes scanned reading..
Angel Readings via Phone $50
30 minute reading.
Angel Readings via Facetime on your iphone.
  $44 Session 30 minute reading.
Angel Readings at my Sayreville Home
$100 per session.
Call to set up an appointment
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